Enterprise Collaboration with ARRAY

ARRAY brings a comprehensive approach to enterprise collaboration through MS Sharepoint Practice and Video Teleconferencing Solutions. ARRAY is an industry leader in the design and implementation of collaborative tools – including MS Sharepoint, Open Text, and IBM Tools. Our experts provide MS SharePoint 2003 implementation and administration for about 8,000 users. Array maintains production servers and application management, and is experienced at standing-up operational servers to include servers for MOSS 07.

ARRAY serves as the technical arm for the USAF Aeronautical Systems Center (ASC) in the implementation and administration of MS SharePoint. Our personnel are instrumental in the design and setup of the command’s two server domains. We have migrated over 4800 users in various WPAFB organizations using content management applications to create command efficiencies. Array developed and conducts ATK use training teaching new users how to properly operate in a collaborative work-share environment. For ASC we have managed document management, cross functional project workspaces and collaboration tool sets. Our personnel have conducted one-on-one user training, provided desktop support, and have implemented change management processes to positively affect the cultural changes inherent with adoption of an ECM approach to information. Team Array provides software training to users on both EBS and CWE initiatives and associated software applications.

ARRAY provides state of the art secure and non secure Video Teleconferencing to Federal and State customers. We have installed and upgraded multiple conference rooms supporting the DHS, Department of State and the Department of the Air Force. Our certified installers have designed and implemented secure VTC networks connecting conus and oconus sites.