Greenbelt, MD – June 20, 2013 – Jon Dittmer, Vice President and General Manager, Defense Sector at ARRAY, writes, “Granted, in many cases the technology is often the only fun and cool aspect of the job, but let me warn you that this pattern of behavior may lead to unhealthy results — personally, professionally and organizationally. After all, technology by itself does not contribute to bottom line and sometimes brings more baggage than it’s worth. So if it’s not about the technology, what is it about?

It is about the organization and the people. If technology were really the work force multiplier claimed by sales professionals everywhere, then the CIO wouldn’t need a staff to perform his/her function. However, every successful organization starts with a strong human capital foundation. There is no other way to achieve sustained success. Though there have been plenty of people with published works on the creation and sustainment of an effective work force, I’ve found there are a handful of principles that are key differentiators.”

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