ARRAY Continues to Invest in Geophysical and Geotechnical Research and Knowledge Data Center Programs with Senior VP Promotion

FAIRFAX, Virginia– ARRAY has announced the promotion of Dr. Hafidh A. A. Ghalib to Senior Vice President of the company’s Advanced Technology Division (ATD). Dr. Ghalib leads ARRAY’s Geophysical and Geotechnical Research and Development and Knowledge Data Center Programs. His leadership has led to the successful implementation of complex Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) solutions for federal government scientific agencies.

ARRAY’s CEO Sumeet Shrivastava said, “ARRAY’s roots go back to developing and implementing advanced technology solutions, and we continue to deliver on that mission. Hafidh’s work and tireless dedication to his mission sets and clients like the USAF, DTRA, AFRL, DOE, and USGS is a great example of our commitment at ARRAY to maintain and modernize complex systems and solutions for our government clients.”

In this expanded role, Dr. Ghalib will continue to grow and develop advanced solutions for ARRAY clients. Shrivastava also shared, “Hafidh’s work is keeping ARRAY customers on the leading edge of technology and at the forefront of the DoD’s race to modernize their mission-capabilities. I am proud of the work delivered by his team and we look forward to tackling the next advanced technology challenge.”

Media Contact:
Brad Barker, Client Executive, 240-818-4462