Array Information Technology’s 15th Anniversary: Success in Applied Innovation

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Interview with Founder and CEO Brian Leung 

Greenbelt, MD – January 31, 2012– ARRAY’s Social Media Team interviews Brian Leung, Founder and CEO of Array Information Technology, as the company begins its 15th year. Brian established the business in 1997 in Rockville, Maryland, and then moved the company to its current headquarters in Greenbelt, Maryland. ARRAY now operates nationwide and overseas..Q. ARRAY celebrates its 15-year anniversary as 2012 begins. What in your background helped you the most as you developed the company?
A. I grew up in a working class family. My father worked very hard in a factory to raise nine children. I learned that there is no free lunch; you must work hard and smartly to earn your reward. Professionally, my 12 years working in Multimax—which grew from a very small company to one with 300 people—educated and equipped me to do IT business with the U.S. Government.Q. What has been your key challenge?
A. Graduating from the Small Business 8(a) program in 2011 was a key challenge. To prepare for this transition, we successfully developed a strong leadership team over the past 3 years.

Q. ARRAY has received many awards and certifications over the past 10 years with its dramatic growth. What do you think has led to this success?
A. We would not have this success if we didn’t have employees who made sacrifices and worked with dedication and commitment. There’s no doubt that our employees are the stars and the reason behind these awards.

Q. What are you hoping for ARRAY in next 15 years?
A.Fifteen years is a major milestone for ARRAY, but it is still relatively young in the IT Federal space. We are going through a transitional period today from a small to a mid-size company. I hope that many of our employees will grow their careers within ARRAY over the next 10-15 years. By that time, my goal is that ARRAY is recognized by its peers and customers as a premier IT consulting company and continues its high standards of integrity and trustworthiness.

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About ARRAY:
Array Information Technology, Inc. has received national and regional awards for its growth achievements, including being recognized frequently by Inc. Magazine, Deloitte Technology and Washington Technology as one of the fastest growing U.S. businesses. ARRAY brings the capability and the leadership of a large business but retains the agility of a small business. ARRAY has also obtained critical ISO certifications and CMMI appraisals, and is continuously focused on improving quality management to ensure that products and solutions meet only the highest standards in the industry.

ARRAY specializes in services to the National Security, Defense, and Scientific Sectors. In addition to multiple awards for its growth achievements, ARRAY is known for its employee-friendly culture and its ability to drive success for its clients through Applied Innovation.

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Sumeet Shrivastava, President, (703) 917-8188, ext. 111