ARRAY and Associate Contract Partners’ Support Leads to IMDS winning the 2021 Distinguished Award for Excellence in Engineering

Fairfax, VA, June 17, 2021 – ARRAY today announces that the company and its associate contract partners supported the U.S. Air Force’s Integrated Maintenance Data System’s (IMDS) transformation from a mainframe operation to a cloud-native computing operation on the Azure PaaS Platform which has been recognized by AFCEA International, for the 2021 Distinguished Award for Excellence in Engineering.

IMDS is U.S. Air Force’s combat aircraft maintenance system and is managed by PEO BES. This complex transformation combined the technical expertise of the U.S. Air Force, Azure, Astadia, Alaskan Northstar Resources, DISA and ARRAY who acted as the prime contractor for development and sustainment.

The efforts of this diverse group reduced operating costs by 90%, from $30M to $3M yearly. The IMDS project modernized and rewrote code, rearchitected subcomponents, performed database transformation, tuning and measurement, and increased automation. The result is an 83% decrease in delivery cycle times.

ARRAY provided application technical support for modernizing the software, supplemented the application with hands-on development after conversion to Micro Focus COBOL and converted over 40 programs to use direct SQL to improve the inquires and reports performance.

These efforts dramatically increased performance – an inquiry that was taking from 8 to 10 minutes was reduced to 3 to 18 seconds and batch reports were decreased from 10 to 18 minutes to 1 to 10 minutes.

ARRAY also designed and developed the IMDS database extracts for the Microsoft Azure Cloud conversion, unloaded and transferred all IMDS databases in the cloud, and aided in testing of Astadia’s tool updates.

“It’s an honor to be a part of a distinguished group receiving this recognition from AFCEA,” said Sumeet Shrivastava, CEO and President of ARRAY. “Our goal in working with the U.S. Air Force has always been to drive improved mission capabilities through modernization. This award validates the outstanding work and technical expertise of the team in this successful effort to optimize the warfighter mission.”

Employing Infrastructure-as-Code to automate, the team collaborated to greatly decrease the time and resources needed to deploy functional changes, enabling the U.S. Air Force to test and scale simulated scenarios at a fraction of the cost. Representing a massive transformation in U.S. Air Force capabilities and priorities, the team has been honored by AFCEA for its service in improving the warfighter mission.

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