Providing flexible agile processes to meet your hybrid software development needs.

As software development projects become more complex and transition away from traditional waterfall methodologies, agile services provide the tools, processes and standards that enable an IT development framework to offer better, faster and more cost-effective value to clients.

Effective, Predictable, Flexible.

Focusing on the dynamic of trust but verify, by understanding a specific project’s political and regulatory context, ARRAY’s agile services provide flexible, hybrid-solutions that manage the complexity of project development to provide superior software quality and value to the client.

Agile Methods Work within the Rigorous Parameters of the DoD Environment.

Our agile services recommend hybrid-agile processes which can flexibly react to changing client values and priorities to develop and release quality software faster.

Highly aligned to Joint Staff’s revised DoDI 5000.02 guidance enabling incremental software delivery
Supports our successful delivery of logistics, maintenance, financial, contracting, and other IT-enabled functional solutions for 16 mission-critical data systems – rivals any large company
Innovation incubator for future state process and organization analyses to assure success
Focuses on major points of friction between traditional waterfall and present agile methodologies including:
  • Meeting System Engineering Design Review requirements (i.e., PDR, CDR)
  • Modifying Waterfall CDRL content and formats to support
  • Agile development Instituting communication methodologies to maintain transparency of development progress
  • Controlling contractual change in an agile environment

Benefits of Agile.

Effective agile process solutions increase an organization’s ability to deliver quality and value to the client within the project’s constraints – evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional waterfall development management processes. This speed and flexibility enable organizations to better serve their client’s evolving needs.

Client and User Focused Culture

  • Innovative – Can Do – Relentless Delivery
  • Passionate About Product Owners, Users, Software and Solutions
  • Extensive DoD Process Integration Experience

  • Transform ‘Waterfall’ Programs to an Agile Experience

Providing the Benefits of Agile Over Waterfall

  • Superior Quality Product

  • Increased Client Satisfaction

  • Better Project Control Through Transparency

  • Improved Project Predictability

  • Reduced Risks

  • Increased Flexibility

  • Continuous Improvement

Context Dependent Hybrid-Agile Processes

  • Hybrid-Agile Processes Provide Benefits of Agile within a Project’s DoD Regulatory Context

  • Product Owner and Mission Users are Partners

  • Collaborate Effectively – Fail Faster – Improve Faster – Deliver Faster
  • Augmenting the Process with a CI/CD Infrastructure

Center of Excellence

ARRAY’s Agile Center of Excellence (ACoE) provides a comprehensive repository of agile development, organization and process documents to strengthen our ability to solve our clients’ toughest challenges. The contents have been researched and developed from years of staff experience, program past performance as well as aerospace and defense best practices and is leveraged by all ARRAY Practices and Delivery organizations.

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