Application Management and Enterprise Support

Application development plays a central role in delivering key capabilities to your agencies end users, that are in turn responsible for accomplishing your mission. ARRAY has experience in providing application development services at an enterprise level, covering millions of lines of customized code and interfaces with dozens of outside agencies. We have accomplished this using the development methodologies our customers are most comfortable with including waterfall, agile, RUP, Disciplined Agile Delivery, and agile DevOps.

ARRAY recognizes that successful application development requires ongoing enterprise support and maintenance services. We also offer a suite of Enterprise Support Services that includes both best-practice Help Desk expertise and COTS/GOTS application support deployed across the enterprise.

Our Expertise


  • Modern Web and Mobile Application Design and Development
  • User Experience Driven Design
  • Application Reimagining and Refactoring for Cloud
  • Agile DevOps Methods
  • Modern Application Architectures
  • Database Design and Management
  • Modern Data Interface Solutions
  • Enterprise Information and Records Management
  • COTS-based Solutions