Transform your applications to a cloud native state quickly, effectively and securely.

Move to cloud native with modern application. ARRAY Cloud Solutions enable organizations to achieve rapid digital transformation.

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Working with the industry’s leading cloud service providers, clients transform their applications to a cloud native state and harness the power of cloud services including automation, CI/CD pipeline tools, elastic computer and storage, disaster recovery and auto scaling.


Transformed, refactored and migrated a complex DoD logistics system from UNISYS Mainframe / COBOL to Linux / Java in the DoD AWS Cloud One environment creating savings of over $7M/year
Developed and implemented a cloud technical solution, refactoring and migration plan, and developed the business case for migrating a major DoD decision support system to AWS or Azure Clouds showing a ~40% cost savings
Refactored and migrated a DoD integrated budget documentation and execution application to DISA milCloud

Center of Excellence

ARRAY’s Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) is comprised of a group of skilled individuals that advance ARRAY capabilities in cloud and provide clients with expert perspectives, advice and solutions.

Cloud Technology Partners

ARRAY is a qualified AWS Partner, a Microsoft Silver Partner and an Oracle partner. Our team has significant experience with AWS, Azure and DISA milCloud and operates mission applications in development, test and production environments.

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