Transforming infrastructure delivery through optimization and rapid innovation.

Infrastructure transformation optimization encompasses the tools, services and standards in the way IT powers new business capabilities that deliver long term results riding on an enterprise IT foundation.

Secure, Automated,
Customizable & Compliant.

Driven by client operational goals and objectives, ARRAY’s infrastructure migration optimization solution is designed and built on organizational structures, processes, metrics and skill sets aligned to business stakeholders’ requirements.

Investment in Infrastructure.

Businesses expect to increase cloud and managed services spending in 2021 with Hardware spending expected to decline.
The US technology market is projected to spend 17% on infrastructure in 2021 and globally it will reach 23%.
Cloud infrastructure spending in coming years, reaching 44.5 percent by 2024.

ARRAY Provides an Evolving Virtual Business Element Without Borders.

Through a disciplined enterprise infrastructure using virtual operating models, ARRAY’s solution comprises of agility, innovation and enhanced user experience delivered at a lower cost.

Benefits of Infrastructure Migration.

Serve your users and clients alike in a ubiquitous environment with a positive operational impact at virtually all levels of the business and IT architecture.


  • Increased Performance

  • Decreased Capital Expenditures

  • Increased Security

  • Increased Scalability & Flexibility

  • Increased Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Capability

  • Self Service Provisioning

  • Re-allocation of IT Resourcing

Virtualization & Cloud

  • Requirement Scalability

  • Cost-effective – Reduced Operational Footprint

  • Remote Collaboration

  • Faster Integration

  • Better Storage Access

  • Task Automation

  • Offloaded Maintenance Costs

  • Data Center Realignment

Business ROI

  • Easier Setup & Technology Access
  • Better Security

  • Reduced Licensing & IT Costs

  • Effective Remote Work Capabilities

  • Accelerated Innovation Deployment

  • Elimination of Upfront Hardware Purchases

Center of Excellence

ARRAY’s Infrastructure Center of Excellence (ICoE) provides our clients with expert perspectives, advice and solutions to design and implement infrastructure pipelines that provide more consistently configured instances that take less time to provision, reduces defects caused by systems having disparate configurations from development to production, and reduces the time to market for changes from engineering.

Technology Partners

AWS. - Array technology partner
Microsoft - Array technology partner
vmware - Array technology partner
Array Partners: Microsoft Hyper-V

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