Mission Support

In today’s complex enterprise environments, delivering technically excellent solutions often isn’t enough. ARRAY’s clients need a partner who also understands and supports their unique mission requirements even though these often step well outside the traditional realm of IT services. Instead of simply building a robust multi-lingual website and Web 2.0 capability, ARRAY also brought in a team of language experts and trained them to understand both the technology and core client mission. Instead of simply building a robust data center capability, ARRAY developed lasting partnerships across the globe with numerous local ground station installers and operators to guarantee continuous data access. While we received praise for building a leading-edge, Web 2.0 multi-media solution, our ability to bring on a team to continually create and publish new mission-centric content played an even more important role in our continuing success than the initial technical foundation.

So, ARRAY understands the critical importance of providing mission support to our clients – particularly as it greatly enhances and compliments our other service offerings. Every day, ARRAY helps our clients succeed by delivering both on-site and remote mission support tailored around the unique mission requirements. Mission support involves understanding our client’s environment in-depth and building highly-skilled, focused teams that enable mission success. ARRAY’s experience in the Federal and County government markets enables us to tailor our offerings to meet the unique environment and requirements of government agencies.

Our Expertise

  • DoD Enterprise Asset Management and Maintenance Systems
  • Secure Telecommunication and Mobile Command Vehicles
  • Secure Video Teleconferencing Design and Installation
  • Enterprise Collaboration and Government 2.0 support using MS Sharepoint, Web 2.0, and other social networking tools
  • Multi-lingual Web 2.0 Application and Translation Support
  • E-Learning Consulting And Transformational Change Management