Transform your legacy system quickly, affordably and predictably to a modern, secure system hosted in the cloud or on-premises.

Retain and reuse your valuable business logic contained in legacy applications through automated code transformation to a modern cloud-ready platform faster than ever with ARRAY Modernization Solutions.

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Modernized, Cloud-Ready,
Secure, Agile, Affordable.

The Modernization Journey • Which phase are you in?

0-Discovery and Assessment

Discovery & Assessment

  • Map out IT assets
  • Identify critical path knowledge gaps
  • Develop path forward

1-Initial Modernization

Initial Modernization

  • Move from legacy hardware
  • Move to modern code base
  • Prepare for process and tool upgrades

2-Product Enhancements

Product Enhancements

  • Business process reorganization
  • Establish DevSecOps pipeline
  • Adding services/features
  • Improving customer experience
  • Develop enhanced data usage

Continuous Modernization

  • Eliminate technical debt
    CI/CD pipeline
  • No more “Legacy” issues
  • Rapid implementation of changes

Modernize Legacy Systems.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
Increased Business Agility
Faster Modernization

Experience New Features
As They Are Developed.

Continuously integrated code is made available in a “first look” environment where the product owner team can immediately test drive the new features and provide feedback.

ARRAY Modernization Benefits.

Deliver new functionality releases faster and more efficiently applying modern solutions such as cloud, XaC, agile, and DevSecOps.
Reduce TCO moving from legacy to modern platforms and realize significant, recurring savings.
Automated legacy system modernization is completed faster, less costly and with lower risk than other approaches.

Transform & Modernize
Your Legacy System.

Receive a Modernization Assessment

  • We listen to understand your mission and technical requirements.
  • We analyze your system and code to understand the existing baseline.
  • We identify and compare possible solutions to provide the best “all things considered” solution.
  • We present and discuss our recommendations with you.

Automatically Transform Your Code

  • We transform your legacy code to modern code, preserving your valuable business rules, using automated code conversion and methods.
  • We also transform and refactor your application from older to new technology paradigms such as cloud native, Microservices, modern UI/UX, and mobile.

Transform to a Cloud-Ready Modern Platform

  • We migrate your system from the legacy platform to a modern, cloud native platform such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

  • We install your modernized application on this platform and teach you how to operate it in the new environment.

Waterfall Transformation to Agile & DevSecOps

  • We partner with you to quickly transform your organization from legacy to Agile and DevSecOps methods – reducing your development to deployment time by a factor of 10 and lowering hosting costs by 70%.

Transform Your Application to Microservices

  • We use advanced automation to refactor your application architecture into a modern microservices-based architecture.

  • Microservices provide a scalable, reusable, extensible framework for your application allowing new features to be developed in record time.

Make Your Application a Set of Building Blocks Using Containers & Kubernetes

  • We place your application components into containers to make it easier to use them as building blocks.

  • This allows you to deploy your containerized application into any cloud environment or move your application from one cloud to another cloud as your needs change.

Transform Your Organization to DevSecOps

  • We work with you to create a DevSecOps solution and select the tools that will best meet your needs.

  • We deliver a DevSecOps CI/CD pipeline to automate the continuous delivery including integration, security, and deployment of your infrastructure and application as code.

Transform to Cloud Native Development

  • We work with you to create the DevSecOps solution and select the tools that will best meet your needs.

  • We deliver a DevSecOps CI/CD pipeline to automate the continuous delivery including integration, security, and deployment of your infrastructure and application as code.

Transform to Cloud Native SysOps

  • We work with you to transform your existing Operations and Maintenance teams and practices to use modern SysOps approaches and tools making your team more productive than ever, driving down costs, and increasing user satisfaction.

Center of Excellence

ARRAY’s Modernization Center of Excellence (MCoE) provides our customers with expert perspectives, analysis of alternatives, advice and solutions to efficiently solve modernization challenges and deliver results. Mission needs always remain at the core of all technical considerations and recommendations.

Technology Partners

AWS. - Array technology partner
Azure - Array technology partner
vmware - Array technology partner

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