Science and Technology

ARRAY’s foundation was originally a Science and Technology division that was built by PhD physicists specializing in Geophysics and Seismology . This team now provides world-class expertise in this area, as well as broader scientific service capability.

ARRAY’s Science and Technology team focuses on offering a comprehensive capability designed around collecting, integrating, and disseminating seismology-related data and analysis from around the globe. This team integrates deep scientific expertise, Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, large scale scientific data analysis and management, and deployment/operations of remote data collection sensors and stations.

Beyond geophysics and seismology, our scientific experts also provide considerable depth in related areas including the design and deployment of scientific data centers and in-depth analysis of both scientific and statistical information.

Our Expertise

  • Seismic Stations and Seismoacoustic Arrays Design, Deployment, Operation and Maintenance
  • Data Analysis through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Knowledge Base and Data Acquisition Centers Development and Management
  • Data Analysis, Signal Processing and Visualization using GIS and Custom Capabilities
  • Scientific research and analysis specializing in Geophysics (Seismic, Hydroacoustic, and Infrasound)
  • Scientific Software and Systems Engineering, Integration and Sustainment