Why the Cloud?

Cloud computing in some form or fashion is a mandate for Federal Agencies to be considered as a viable option for the hosting of systems and applications. As the administration has moved from “Cloud First” to “Cloud Smart”, it has opened the door for Departments to craft an integrated strategy involving Cloud environments.

ARRAY’s cloud team can work with agencies to decide on the best approach for implementing a stand-alone or Hybrid Cloud environment.

Cloud Benefits

Moving something to the cloud doesn’t automatically make a system or application more efficient or impactful to the mission. A cloud strategy must explore the end goals and determine what makes sense for the mission. Cloud is not a technology, but a tool that can be used to properly leverage new technologies and innovations.

Every organization is starting at a different “As-Is” and has a different journey towards their defined “To-Be”. Agency goals can vary from implementing Agile and DevOps methodologies to increased capacity during customer surges. Partners like ARRAY can lay out the steps on that journey and assist in the implementation along the way.

Cloud Migration

Moving to the Cloud is not just simply lifting and shifting systems and architecture to a new environment (Although it can be). There are many things to be considered before migrating a system, including the eventual goals of the new system and mission support.

There are generally 3 primary types of Migrations: Lift and Shift, Partial Modernization, and Complete re-factoring of a new system.
ARRAY has experience with all 3 methods and can define the benefits and drawbacks of each.


ARRAY is an AWS Consulting Partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner.