The Information Management Challenge

Government agencies indeed face a great challenge: How to successfully address their enterprise information and records management, business process improvement, and eDiscovery requirements in a manner that complements their organization’s business activities. Vast and growing repositories of mission-critical information require highly effective and efficient governance.

Whether an agency supports warfighters overseas or the rights of U.S. citizens, it must have the ability to deliver the right information anytime, anywhere and on any device. Mission-critical business processes must be managed and optimized. Agencies must also preserve information in a secure and compliant manner to protect privacy and confidentiality.

The exponential growth of information, including email and social media, demands new solutions to provide effective search capabilities in support of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) as well as legal discovery and investigations.

Information management challenges for records managers and IT include: upcoming deadlines for compliance with the 2012 Managing Government Records Directive; growing eDiscovery demands; the accelerated pace of adoption for cloud computing; collaboration technologies; and social media and mobile applications.

ARRAY’s information and records management experts are helping agencies address these challenges.

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