Logistics Transformation

Logistics Systems Sustainment and Modernization

ARRAY has extensive experience with DoD logistics and interfacing business systems, and we leverage our expertise to improve current systems solutions and build the next generation of Logistics Systems.

Our team includes individuals with a background in logistics, supply chain, and organizational change management who are now collecting and leveraging ARRAY, Federal Government, and industry best practices.  Our current offerings include:

  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) experienced with all major logistics, supply chain, and organizational change management areas
  • In-depth knowledge of Public Law, DoD Policy, Air Force Directives, and MAJCOM Instructions that drive logistics processes and enabling IT requirements
  • Continuous benchmarking of organization and process management across DoD, Defense Agencies, the Services, and major industrial and IT centers
  • Lessons learned implementing FIAR/FISCAM requirements for data systems to satisfy auditability
  • Business Process Reengineering to reduce cycle times, reduce errors, and increase benefits
  • Preparation and evaluation of Business Case Analyses to recommend Courses of Action

ARRAY’s Air Force and DoD Experience

Our DoD business systems sustainment and modernization contracts grew into one of the most mission impacting portfolios in the Air Force logistics systems enterprise and now expanding into the US Army, other Services/Agencies:

  • 34 Current DoD IT Systems/Applications being sustained and/or modernized
    • 9 Maintenance & Engineering (e.g. IMDS suite, DMAPS, NEXGEN IT)
    • 6 Supply (e.g. ILS-S)
    • 6 Financial Management (e.g. GAFS-R, ABIDES, IDECS)
    • 6 Acquisition/Contracting (e.g. ConWrite, CBIS, CIDS)
    • 6 Logistics Plans & Operations (e.g. DCAPES, JOPES)
    • 1 Transportation (TC AIMS)
  • A combined User population of over 735,000 (many DoD users on multiple systems)
  • User Locations at every AF base and Army Post, worldwide, around the clock
  • Spans nearly all core Logistics and Supply Chain Missions including: Depot and Base Operations for MX, Supply, Contracting, Finance, and Deployments
  • Specialized system support for Logistics Weapon System Analysis; Reporting and Analysis for Presidential Budget Builds; Civil Engineering life cycle management; Congressional Inventory Statements for over $50B in physical assets; and real-time asset movement and control to support global operations