Seismological Studies

ARRAY’s Advanced Technology Division (ATD) employs a team of PhD scientists that perform leading-edge scientific research and analysis in seismology, geophysics, and related scientific areas. These scientists work closely with high-volume, high-performance IT experts and regional seismic station teams to provide a comprehensive suite of scientific analysis and monitoring capability from deployed station installation to data collection to advanced analysis. ATD’s geophysics team members actively support projects that:

  • Conduct, present and publish studies involving seismic, infrasound and hydroacoustic waveform data analysis, wave propagation and source characterization, and velocity and attenuation modeling in multi-dimensional earth models to understand better the seismotectonic framework of a study area.
  • Provide comprehensive single seismic station and seismoacoustic array deployment, maintenance, command, and control to ensure real-time, mission critical timely acquisition and forwarding of all digital seismic and infrasound data to key clients.
  • Plan, design, integrate, test and deploy public and secure data acquisition systems for collecting, formatting, transferring, forwarding, archiving (using relational databases) and analysis of data in the field and at regional facilities.
  • Support creation of seismic test facilities and test procedures to enable scientists to fully characterize hydroacoustic, infrasound, and seismic components.
  • Develop, test and integrate third party algorithms and software for use in tasked seismic, infrasound and hydroacoustic research activities using common programming and configuration management practices.
  • Provide systems engineering and logistical support including, but not limited to, purchasing, integrating, testing, packaging, and shipping of instrumentation and equipment to and from designated study areas at host countries.
  • Provide operation, maintenance and training (hands-on and classroom as deemed necessary) support on all deployed instrumentation, communication and computer systems.