Women in Cybersecurity: Stephanie Ackman Speaks on Evolution of the Industry

As part of the running series for #IWD2021, Enterprise Security Tech sat down Stephanie Ackman, ARRAY Director of Information & Cybersecurity, to discuss the state of women in cybersecurity, how it has evolved over the years and shared advice for young women looking to enter into the industry.

“Cybersecurity is constantly evolving, as are cybersecurity threats. And with the workforce shortage our industry faces, cybersecurity is a national security issue. In the history of our nation, women have stepped in to meet national security needs, the most applicable example being the recruitment and training of women to be codebreakers in WWII. These codebreakers were successful in cracking code providing critical intelligence in the European and Pacific Theaters. Those same recruitment and training approaches need to be dusted off and revamped for cybersecurity needs as we move into the future. Teams working in this profession require diversity in perspective, experience and leadership to ensure the best solutions are implemented to face these threats,” Ackman shared in the interview.